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The Academy of Training Skills is staffed 24 hours a day with trained Security Monitors. Staff ensures that the location of each Cadet is known and easily verifiable at all times, day or night. All movement is directed, monitored and recorded by staff. A state of the art camera monitoring system with remarkable night vision clarity is also in place to view and record movement inside and outside of the living areas. Cadets are tested for alcohol daily; drug testing is conducted both randomly and for probable cause on a frequent basis.

Cadets are held accountable for all movements by signing out and back in on the "Daily Accountability Sheet". The ATS Job Coordinator ensures daily work activities are current and generates the daily work log.

Referring authorities are advised monthly on each Cadet's progress and also advised of any other activities in order to keep them up-to-date of any changes to the Cadet's status.


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ATS Do Not Receive State, Federal, or Parish funds.