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Moral and Spiritual Enrichment

A minister is employed at ATS to provide religious services to the Cadets. Volunteers from local churches, representing all area denominations are welcome to participate in worship services and spiritual guidance for each Cadet.


Counseling and Treatment

ATS, through community volunteers, provides AA/NA discussion meetings where Cadets may solve the problems associated with alcoholism and/or drug dependency. Addiction counseling is provided to each cadet every Thursday by New Horizon Counseling Agency. ATS also offers one on one counseling and Group Counseling once a week through New Horizon Counseling Agency.


Behavior Modification Classes

ATS, through New Heart Ministries of Lake Charles, LA, provides participants in the HEARTS (Healing and Eliminating Abusive Relationships through Scripture) program. The anger management/domestic violence classes are presented by HEARTS program volunteers trained in delivering the fifteen session class. The purpose of the HEARTS program is to assist in helping break the cycles of abuse and/or illegal behavior. The sessions incorporate communication skills, parenting, marriage and addiction to gambling as vital parts of the program. The goal is to help overcome the generational cycles of anger, violence, and abuse so prevalent in today’s society. A letter of verification of attendance/graduation is provided to referring authorities on behalf of the Cadet upon completion of the course.



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ATS Do Not Receive State, Federal, or Parish funds.