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We are an academy that takes a non-force approach to building the responsibilities of individuals. The academy builds itself as an alternative program to being imprisoned. The tuition of the program is paid for by the individual or 3rd party. We also promote job placement to help pay your bills and teach independent living. The Academy of Training Skills has turned around the lives of many and places individuals on the right path.

To aid judicial and correctional systems by reducing overcrowding, while at the same time providing an avenue for positive change in lives and communities.


The first of its kind! The Academy of Training Skills (ATS) provides an alternative to the current seemingly broken system of incarceration. As the original Judicial Agency Residential Referral Facility, ATS is a privately operated organization designed to benefit individuals awaiting trial and save tax payers money. ATS aids judicial systems by training Cadets and enabling them to become tax payers instead of consuming tax dollars while idly awaiting trial in local jails. ATS provides training and programming for individuals charged with non-violent crimes. Through voluntary participation, those individuals desiring to actively participate in training and programming offered by ATS can change the direction of their lives. ATS can provide the crossroads necessary to overcome negative experiences, personal limitations and significantly advance personal growth by breaking the cycle of unlawful activities.

  • ATS is regulated by state law which requires accreditation by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and Certification by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS&C). ATS meets both of these requirements. For further information concerning ACA and the standard of practices which are nationally recognized please visit www.aca.org.
  • ATS provides employment, transportation, room and board, clothing and basic medical needs for all Cadets in the program. In accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Cadets are charged a monthly fee to cover daily expenses.
  • ATS provides educational opportunities, job training courses in a wide variety of fields, substance abuse and behavior modification counseling, as well as access to faith-based counseling and ministries.
  • ATS has a bed capacity of 200 at the Lacassine facility. Similar facilities are planned for the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Monroe, Shreveport and Lafayette areas.

The Academy of Training Skills operates under a strict adherence to policy and procedure which incorporates the requirements of ACA and DPS&C. The ATS Cadet Handbook outlines a clear and comprehensive set of standards Cadets must follow. By following these rules and guidelines each Cadet is able to develop personal habits, behaviors and attitudes which will lead to a successful, productive life. Cadets are required to arise at set times each work day, maintain a clean living environment and report to and from work as scheduled. At ATS, a good work ethic is encouraged, promoted and expected.

Why We Should Not Send Offenders to the
Department of Corrections, Jails, and Detentions Centers

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